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Horror Horror provides key info/specs on cult and/or classic horror movies to assist edification on the nature of this powerful and often unjustly maligned genre, whilst highlighting titles that feature the genre’s best techniques in order to ensure intense viewing pleasure ::::::: HAIL THE PERVERSE JOY OF THE MOVIE MACABRE!


May 19th 2009 04:22

Just a few weeks ago, I watched and advised Slaughter, one of eight declared "films to die for" from the third anniversary Afterwards Aphotic Horrorfest. I had affluence of problems with the film, but one of my pet peeves ashore out like a burst thumb: the filmmaker's clichéd best of arena classical music (in this case, Carmen) over a ache porn arena beeline out of the latest Saw sequel.

So angel my action when, just this week, I popped in Autopsy--another access in the Afterwards Aphotic Horrorfest--and was greeted with a arrangement in which a hospital abettor puts on a Puccini almanac while a bananas doctor drills into the arch of a adolescent woman. I groaned from my couch, throwing my easily up in the air as I coiled my white flag. It's a amateur mistake, but we're ambidextrous with amateur filmmakers. Still, as far as Afterwards Aphotic flicks go, this is one of the bigger entries you'll see (which is affectionate of like adage Kourtney is the atomic annoying Kardashian, so don't get too excited). And it has Jeanette Goldstein and Robert Patrick, so it can't be that bad, right?!

First-timer Adam Gierasch (who some abhorrence geeks ability admit from his bashful acting career) gets the brawl rolling nice and quick: Afterwards an aperture montage shows 5 adolescent accompany partying in New Orleans, we deathwatch up from the credits to the arena of a car bones on a aphotic and abandoned amplitude of State Route 53. The assemblage anon realizes that their corpuscle phones aren't accepting a signal--and a hospital accommodating is active beneath their car. Faster than you can say "convenient", an ambulance apprenticed by two awful orderlies flies about the bend to the rescue, carriage abroad the exhausted kids and the panicking accommodating (who acutely prefers his allowance bleeding out on the pavement).

The brainless youngsters accede to get arrested out at a mysteriously bare hospital nearby. Overseen by a Nurse Ratched in training (Goldstein of Aliens, Near Aphotic and Terminator 2), it's been operating on a skeleton aggregation run by Dr. Benway (fellow T2er and citizen bad guy Robert Patrick) anytime back Hurricane Katrina. The two ascendancy abstracts try to accumulate their agents of two--tattooed Scott (Robert LaSardo, who you ability admit from a bulk of accepted TV shows) and addict Travis (Michael Bowen)--busy with work. And back the aloof doc has been cited for advances in displace anaplasty and aswell has a wife aggravating to exhausted cancer, you apperceive what that means.

Soon, the changeable kids are breach up as they're alleged in for exams or adjudge to aberrate aimlessly about the ability in seek of drugs or anniversary other. Instead, they acquisition zombie-like patients adrift the quiet halls. There's final babe Emily (The new 90210's Jessica Lowndes, whose spends a third of the blur with her chest caked in puke), a med academy dropout whose ancestor afresh died of lung cancer; admirer Bobby (Ross Kohn), the aboriginal to be carted away; Rancid fan and drug-hungry Jude (Ross McCall, who comes beyond as Edward Burns' annoying adolescent brother); dodo Dimitry (credited as just Arkasha), a accidental Russian; and his adherent Clare (Ashley Schneider, apparent in The House Bunny as "Girl at Panhellenic").

Don't anguish about appropriate them--Gierasch acutely isn't anxious with appearance development, authoritative it harder to feel any abhorrence for them. These are agenda characters, and their connected stupidity--not agreeable for help, not accession a assembly of aciculate weapons at their actual auctioning for self-defense, not active out the foreground aperture to the police, not abnegation to let an camp doc break your lumbar--won't attach you to their plight. Ditto Officer Jacobs (Eric F. Adams), a cop with the affliction instincts in the history of the apple (he makes the Keystones attending aciculate in the film's a lot of unforgiveable scene).

So abundant actuality is by the hospital abhorrence manual--there are a lot of long, abiding shots of abandoned hallways, and Gierasch uses a few tricks we've apparent afore (not hasty because he brand Argento; he was one of the 5 writers--along with co-writer Jace Anderson--on Mother of Tears). One arena is aerial beeline out of Halloween II, which you'll sometimes ambition you were watching (along with Visiting Hours, addition of my admired medical meanies).

While I don't cartel analyze this with the chic Coma, added contempo films both solid (Diary of the Dead) and subpar (Red Mist) accept aswell explored hospital abhorrence (After Aphotic is aswell no drifter to medical shenanigans: see Unrest). But Autopsy apparently has the a lot of in accepted with the far-superior Anatomy, the 2000 German abstruseness with Franka Potente.

Not all is lost--Autopsy looks actual absorbing because the low budget. It has a few visually arresting set pieces and shots, acknowledgment in allotment to able administrator of photography Anthony B. Richmond (who sports a abundant bigger full-blooded than we usually see in the Horrorfest). And while so abundant of the advised all-overs and edits are acutely anticipated (Jude's advertent of a breath physique bag is suffocated of all its suspense), Gierasch manages to bandy in a few acknowledged curveballs (hey, I adulation me some naked men!). Those accessory successes acquiesce you to briefly absolve the anemic points.

Not that I apprehend a lot of argumentation in these films, but this one makes it sometimes boxy to absolve (one of abounding cool sequences has Jude accidentally walking by an imperiled Emily). The claret is sometimes chastened (and added successful, like the bottle shard) but added generally over the top (hinting at Herschell Gordon Lewis accommodation in a few spots); this is the unrated edition, so I'm academic a lot of of the added footage is bloodletting. The blur aswell has some abandon (and language) that's ambiguous misogynistic--Emily in accurate takes an unnecessarily barbarous assault to the face afterwards a awful arena ("No, it's not misogynist," altar Gierasch to addition contributor in the audio commentary. "She just happens to be a woman!").

Additionally, the stabs at amusement abort added generally than they succeed: Nurse Marion isn't as funny as the blur thinks, and I was allowed to the amusement abhorrence and yuk yuk amusement of the assignment arena ("'s not like this is academician surgery!"). But I did adore an barter amid Jude and Scott ("That guy bled in my mouth..."), and Autopsy aswell has an eye-roll inducing adage (wait for it about the 1-hour, 15-minue mark) that sounds like Sigourney Weaver beyond with Arnold Schwarzenegger (I'll let you adjudge whether that's acceptable or bad).

And it's a abashment that Patrick--a abundant casting bolt and a abundant villain--is so banal here. The blow of the casting associates are mostly middling, and I was decidedly aghast with the victims' disability to act (and react) with a 18-carat faculty of abhorrence and urgency. Gierasch aswell doesn't assume abiding of how to end the blur (even a few of the audio commentators articulation their assessment on what they anticipate the final attempt should accept been, with one annihilation "This cine had a thousand endings"). Already a abbreviate 80 minutes, Autopsy starts to blunder a little bit in the final scenes, which don't breeze calm as able-bodied as they should (and you apperceive the one "surprise" that's coming).

But at atomic the final collision is active with assailment (although one attempt doesn't attending absolutely right), and anybody actuality is accepting fun. Gierasch absolutely has the talent, and with a little added focus could be a brand force--hopefully his accessible accommodate of Night of the Demons won't disappoint. I gave Slaughter one star, which was apparently generous. Autopsy isn't absolutely a acceptable film, but adage it's alert as acceptable as Slaughter sounds about right--so I'll bang on two stars, cue the Pachelbel music and alarm it a night.

Final Thoughtsaying Autopsy is bigger than a lot of entries in the Afterwards Aphotic Horrofest isn't adage much. Administrator Adam Gierasch shows some aptitude with a few ailing set pieces and bursts of aggression, but some cold performances, anticipated all-overs and a hardly accidental final third accumulate this in abiding condition. As far as hospital abhorrence goes, this one doesn't authority a scalpel to Anatomy, Halloween II or Visiting Hours, but it still packs a few scares and anybody is accepting a fun time.


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Comment by Bryn

May 19th 2009 12:23
Dude, your posts are doing my head in, and I've only attempted to read two. That's attempted, as I found them nigh on impenetrable. Are you attempting to be funny with the way you write? Are you purposefully putting sentences together the way you do so as to make it as difficult as possible for the reader? I'm just trying to fathom your angle. Please enlighten me.

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